May 30 2014

Clipper Bohl

Flank herder was one of the most lethal positions to hold among the Funari plainsmen. The nomadic ritualists followed the sacred herd, guiding the symbiotic life path of both cultures with singular purpose. To serve as a flank herder was both personal and penitent.

Clipper Bohl volunteered to hunt the herd flank, serving as protector and scout for the ever moving force. Packs of Sarks were the worst of the predators that descended from the rugged hills to feed upon the herd. Fast and silent, the sizable packs made quick work of incompetent herders. Many times though, perishing as such restored the honor of a besmeeched bloodline. Continue reading

Dec 5 2013


Few experiences embody it as well as flying. This spoken by a land mammal. The sensation of coursing through the, air, above the clouds, ripples through the core with amazing terror.

One can only imagine the change in belief structure that must occur when flight is at your fingertips, or more likely, wingtips. Where the sky is indeed the limit and the fear of falling never sinks its primal teeth into delicate flesh, such freedom must convey a spatial rapture beyond reckoning.

I have flown in my dreams and not only were they some of the most memorable adventures, but they are also the ones I would relive most readily.