Character Backgrounds

Need to flesh out a character background?  Like some fresh ideas for a concept you’re mulling over?  Just don’t have the time to whip up a solid foundation?  Look no further.  I’m happy to help create a character background for you.  Email me your thoughts, and I’ll offer something to suit.


A host of characters to inspire the mind and to help populate your worlds.


If ever you find yourself needing a fresh set of eyes to look at something you’ve written, feel free to send it my way.  I’d be delighted to offer a no strings attached proofreading to help polish it up.


Below are a collection of scene skeletons intended to spur imagination.  They are loosely painted pictures that can be adapted to a host of game settings or difficulties.

Bear the Fruit of Fear – The group is tasked with the retrieval of dangerous fruits in exchange for information.

Bitter Winds – A fickle wind god must be appeased to cross a remote bridge.

Bought With Hate – Encounter a man about to commit suicide to get away from a cursed item.

Captive Audience – A hanged-man augury still functions.

Crypt Walkers and Corner Slaves – A necro cult utilizes a brothel to further their agenda.

Druidfane – A submerged crypt to an unknown owner offers the promise of fortune.

Gently Call the Melancholy – Crossing a region of sorrowful flats to investigate a landlocked derelict.

Hard Walkers – Constructs gone awry bring a community to the brink of war.

Jackals and Journeymen – A city’s trade town is plagued by were-jackal attacks.

The Lonesome Path – At odds with an underworld warlord, a gamble for life or death offers the safest path ahead.

Return to Sender – A thief has perished while robbing an unusual wall safe, warranting investigation.

Windows of Smoke – A contact is eliminated with fire as the party approaches.