Sep 3 2014

Shadow of Hope 48

In his usual quiet manner, the barbarian said, ” I am Borlak Dotkina of Sunari, well met.”

“Finn Farstrider of Anatomber, well met again.”

Linking arms with Talon, Rôhn pulled him toward the party, speaking to him as if the Halfling were not present and gesturing to each of the rest of the party members in turn and pausing after each introduction to allow the inevitable superfluous exchange of verbiage characteristic of Humans.  “Allow me to introduce Katarina Tshurka, Priestess of Trymeya…Marcus, Scribe of Denevor…Kurn the Swordmaster…his squire Haron…and *this*–” he gestures toward the Lizardman, “is Cheskith, chef and Chanter of the Silvaraean catacomb-dwellers.”  Rôhn’s tone became more enthusiastic, “His people fought bravely against the Hordes in the Great War!”  Rôhn tucked his thumbs in his girdle and rocked back and forth on his heels, looking up with smiling eyes at Talon, eager to ask him about his whereabouts and exploits since the collapse of the Dragonkeeper’s temple. Continue reading