Shredder 34

“You’re such a charmer,” Merinde said, “Is it that bad?”

Gerard gazed off, his mind rattling through the images of the Shredder and what it had done to a well armed and able quartet of adventurers.  Time and distance enough had passed though, that he wondered if the predator had moved on to a different course of action.  Good for them, yes.  Bad for the notion that the construct had an agenda.  That increased the likelihood of invasion.

“Bad enough to warrant concern,” he said, “But if we haven’t been attacked yet, then our chances are improving.”

“A watch then?”  Her thoughts drifted away, to have a look around at the forefront.

“No, we both need our rest, and the fire is paramount,” he added, nodding at her state of undress, “You don’t want to add a fever on top of everything else.  I’ll rig a few snares to warn us of approach, and I’m a light sleeper to begin with.  So no worries.”  He let her grunt slide.  “I’ve pulled together what I can for bedding, so nest in there and get some sleep.  I’ll join you after securing the area and banking the fire.”

Merinde watched the Halfling turn and head about his business.  She had thought to give him some lip about his last comment, but the pragmatist in her knew that he was just offering to share his warmth.  He didn’t exude menace at all, and she was all the more discomfited by his lack of duplicity.  Straightforwardness and truth were not elements of her past existence.  Perhaps they could be for this new turn.

She chuckled to herself and settled into the makeshift bedding.  “That crafty little bugger,” she said, realizing he had buried heated stones, and the ground was actually toasty in spots.  Intent on remaining awake until Gerard had returned and dozed off himself, she did not anticipate losing the battle to exhaustion.  After being well fed and getting warmer by the moment though, Merinde soon drifted into dream riddled unconsciousness.


Shredder 35

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