Shredder 41

Merinde sat swaddled in her cloak, cross-legged before the fire.  The warm stew bowl was cupped in her hands and contentment resonated from her.  Gerard and Anibel watched her, sharing glances at the evolution of noises coming from their third.

Gerard was sitting as well, propped against a rock with one leg pulled up towards him.  “The basic needs are never truly appreciated, unless they have been absent.  I’m pleased that the stores here were intact.”

“Mmm, what did you call it?” Merinde asked.

“Rockaway Chimney.”

“I could live here,” she said.

Gerard chuckled.  “I’m sure we could find somewhere else even more to your liking.”

“Which brings me to my first question,” Anibel said.  She stood, seeing little point in changing position when there were no muscles to rest.  “What is your destination?”

Both women watched Gerard as he glanced back and forth between them.  He finally shrugged and decided to put his plan into words.  “I aim to lay eyes on the Seeming.”

Shredder 42

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