Mireya del Castillo

Mireya del Castillo didn’t mind the term privateer but she was a pirate at heart.  The sole daughter to a brood of children, she inherited the composite female beauty of the family line and the fiery spirit to match.

The del Castillos heralded from a long line of marine merchants, specializing in materials and sculpture designed for ship craft.  Mireya was a talented shipwright that spent the great majority of her life upon the seas.  Her evolution from craftsman to artisan and sailor to pirate came to pass despite her father’s best attempts to steer her clear of such a perilous life.

Such was not to be her fate.  The sea flowed in her veins.

Mercantile warfare disguised as privateering took the lives of two of Mireya’s brothers, and she vowed to paint the seas red with her vengeance.  The del Castillos formed a merchant alliance and orchestrated their own fleet of privateer vessels, with Mireya at their vanguard.  With pistol and whip, she carved her destiny from the flesh and hulls of those that dared to cross her path, scourging the seas with such ferocity that she became known as Black Mariah.

Captaining her flagship, El Cantante del Alma, she cut across the waterways searching for peace in the raging storm of her heart.

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