The wind vibrated through the frame of Kevin’s Element.  A smirk formed on his lips as the boxy car wrestled with the elements for which it was named.  Aerodynamic it was not.  Versatile like a motherfucker though.  He had hauled more shit in this vehicle than he could recall.  That they stopped making this model didn’t sit well with him, and his eyes flicked down to the odometer.  The numbers had just rolled over a hundred thousand this month.  What was he to do when he needed to find another car?

The wind abated some when he cleared the bridge, but mother nature was not playing around today.  The clouds glowed with that eerie incandescence which sang of severe storms.  He was hoping to catch some serious lightning strikes, but he doubted his luck of late.

Traffic was thicker than he expected, and the throng of vehicles at the red light did not promise a timely transit.  The eighteen wheeler he coasted up behind added its own malevolence to that foretelling.

Kevin glanced down at his phone, and when he looked back up, the semi was rocking in the wind.  The Element was steady though, and he didn’t feel the push of nature’s invisible hand.  The rocking become more fervent, carrying a primal concern.  Kevin’s adrenaline started to release as the driver’s door of the rig ahead of him opened.

Then the rocking stopped with a tremendous thunk, and the driver froze in his tracks watching the trailer.  Another loud crash erupted from the enclosed space and the driver took off at a run, weaving through the sea of traffic without heed.  One of the back panels of the trailer bulged outward and then popped open across the top seam.

Kevin watched in disbelief as the panel was wrenched downward and a gorilla swung onto the roof of the trailer.  He slammed the Element into reverse as the animal snarled skyward.  Looking behind him, Kevin had nowhere to go but he saw the panic which spread across the area.  Turning back his eyes bulged at the steady flow of gorillas pouring from the truck.

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