Cleaning house.  An interesting turn of phrase that embodies getting one’s shit in order, tightening up the ranks and rectifying a long standing obstacle or wrestling one of the monkeys latched onto your back.  The exhilaration felt after a good house cleaning always seems to overshadow the perceived weight of the task which had loomed insurmountable.  Yet, we never seem to see the freedom which awaits around the next bend, more content to rationalize the status-quo of the burden.  There is always so much else that requires management on the ever scrolling list of priorities.  Right?


I have had the exquisite opportunity of late to sift through a pair of lives’ accumulated treasures.  There are few tasks which resonate so poignantly as needing to utterly empty a home in short order.  It is the epitome of cleaning house.  I took away two major revelations from this dust rhino laden journey.

One, we have a lot of shit.  And consider that the royal we.  You, me, and every other soul who has careened through the consumer society erected around us.  How much shit do we really need?  Really, truly need.  I understand the accumulation of physical goods is a sign of success and wealth to some.  At what point though does that concept devolve into excess, into absurdity, into hoarding?

Which brings me to my second revelation.  How do you wish to be remembered?  I don’t care how wonderful you are in the flesh.  When it comes time for someone else to sift through the remnants of your life, what would you want them to find?  A few cherished pearls of exquisite concern or a sea of disposable trinkets that will never be missed?  Take this tidbit to heart:  each of us is not only remembered by how we are in the present, and how we lived in the past, but also by the legacy we leave behind after we are gone.

Evaluate your house, both physical and metaphysical.  Decide what’s important to you and cherish those elements of you.  Pare away the rest of the dead weight and walk a cleaner, lighter, more carefree path.

Quite simply, simplify.  I guarantee you won’t miss anything you choose to leave behind.

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