Losing Your Cookies III

“You’re shitting me.”

“No ma’am,” Carl said, “Kaye actually fired off a couple of battle preps, thinking something big was incoming.”

Andi covered her mouth and tried not to laugh.  She was not very successful.

“It’s okay, you can enjoy it,” he said, “Hell knows we did when the truth came out.”

“Ohmygod that’s fucking hilarious.”  The laughter spilled from her, then she winced.  K-Fang, Kaye for short, was not one to take being the butt of any joke lightly.  “I’m sure your crew razzed the hell out of her.  How’d she take it?”

Carl smiled.  His thousand yard stare used to frighten her a great deal, but she had come to understand that it was just his way of visualizing the world where he spent so much of his time beyond this mundane physicality.

“About as you’d expect,” he replied, “Cool as a cucumber on the surface, but she was boiling underneath.”

“And you’re okay with that?”

Carl shrugged.  His relationships with his guild, and Kaye in particular were important, but he was juggling quite a few balls of late.  He looked, and acted, tired.

“She ate cookies for the rest of the raid,” he said, “Loud crunching motherfuckers over the open mic.  Must have been seventy minutes worth.”


“It is what it is.  The crunching I can take,” he said, then his mind added, ‘It’s the whispering that keeps me awake.’


Losing Your Cookies IV

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