Wu-Wu Fan

Wu-Wu Fan was a scribe for the Sacred Order of Monarchs.  Not those that ruled the kingdoms, but those that ruled the monastery gardens, flitting on delicate wings.  The Great Transmutation was a lifelong study for the monks of the Order.  From nothingness to formative egg.  From devouring caterpillar to devout cocoon.  From majestic monarch back to nothingness.  Enlightenment in all stages of life brought harmony with self and surrounding.

Wu-Wu Fan had only recently evolved into her caterpillar form.  She devoured the written pages before her, scribbling the archaic writing into legible and durable translation.  The circle of life for the written works, too, honored the Great Transmutation.  One sheet after another passed through her, as the caterpillar ratchets through the foliage, and the knowledge of the ancients accumulated.

She dreamed of her pupation, of her time aloft as a monarch.  She was humbled to have been chosen from the numerous post-war orphans to serve within the Order.  There was a time when her family could not have imagined such an honor for their name.  Had they but survived the tremendous civil strife to pay witness to her ascendence.

Wu-Wu Fan shook her head.  She also fancied dreaming in the light of day, a habit she intended to break before overlong with fasting and meditation.  She could not attain the rank of pupae with such mental flights.

The bell for daily exercise sounded, and she rolled the current sheaf of papers on her desk for safety and accuracy.  Her mind wondered and worried at the pieces of the great puzzle she was encountering in her task.  A picture was forming in her mind that evaded description, but the mystery had to do with an unseen element at work upon the Great Transmutation.  Something that wasn’t addressed in her daily teachings, and she thought it odd that the elders would not speak of such a significant finding.

As the dawn light washed over her, she made up her mind to bring her findings to the Order elders.  She smiled as the exercises took hold of her, pleased with the satisfaction of such a discussion and the progression she would find along her path of transmutation.

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