Losing Your Cookies V

“We’ve talked about this,” Andi said, “How unhealthy this kind of dieting can be.  Yes, you’re getting results, but you’d be so much better off making–”

“A lifestyle change,” Carl finished, “Yes, I know.  Thing is, I like my lifestyle.  It’s more about exerting control though.  About proving a point.”  He stopped talking then.  Not because he had finished his train of thought, but because the smell of freshly baked cookies assailed him.  He almost choked on his spit and he swallowed the thick gobs with a click.

Andi just waited, as was becoming the custom with his episodes.  And she worried.

“You don’t smell that?” Carl asked.  His tone was equal parts horror and reverence.  He watched as she sampled the air, hoping for a moment that she would dispel his madness.

“What should I be smelling?” she asked.

Instead of responding, Carl stood and began following the smell.  He wandered around the apartment in exploratory steps.  The smell drifted into and out of reality with agonizing surges, but he thought it was stronger near the front door.

Andi watched as Carl opened the door and disappeared into the entryway.  She thought about intervening, but he was like this during his more lucid times too.  He was just Carl, and sometimes it was best to just let him do his thing.  She got up and followed him out of the apartment.

The door to the basement stood open.  Carl was at the bottom of the steps, still searching.

“I’m heading out,” Andi said.  He just waved a backward hand and disappeared toward the laundry area.  Andi wished him to be careful and stepped out into the light of day.

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