Empires rise and fall.  Histories are recorded and forgotten.  Even the gods themselves wax and wane with the passing of the Ages.  What does one do when faced with the realization that the time of their species has come and gone?  That they are in fact only seeking footholds upon the slippery slope of extinction which looms all too near?  One simple precept had been engrained into a rather nondescript young Dragonborn hatchling which would unwittingly serve to mold the entire path of his destiny.

All living things perish.  What matters most is how.

Loth’kar, as he was known in the common tongue, was raised by a disjointed pair of souls who managed to live harmoniously nonetheless.  Safar Yull was an aging sage of Dragonborn lineage whose grasp on reality was increasingly intermittent as young Loth’kar advanced through his developmental years.  A sour mute named Dromus served as both the sage’s guardian and the boy’s instructor in matters of martial dictate.  The odd trio seemed eternally on the move, enduring a pilgrimage that had no definable destination.

The lineage and history of the spirited Dragonborn child was never attested to any real degree, unremembered by one, unspoken by the other and largely of no concern to the child himself.  Loth’kar was more intrigued by the histories and legends put forth by the wise Safar, and countless hours were spent between sword and shield training and arguing over the concepts of spirituality, morality and purpose.  While the vacuous sage instilled wisdom beyond Loth’kar’s young years, he somewhat shortchanged the willful youth in his formal education.

Without actively realizing as much, Loth’kar was instilled with the sense of belief and a devout feeling of purpose directed toward the ancient dragon god, Bahamut.

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