Villains Past III

Cherry Charges

The money was always good for an exotic dancer named Cherry Popper. The hours and the maw pawing of hands? Not so much. Especially where the mob was concerned, but a girl got by no matter how many greaseballs tried to liberate her from her tassels.2010-06-27 11:49:54

Cherry took to the pole with a finesse and ferocity that hinted at talent buried deep within her genetic past. Headlining at the Barracuda Lounge brought about the performances which eventually landed her in the lap of Damiano “Cheeks” Mancini.

Dodging the mafioso’s advances for months lasted until their dance culminated with a public slap to the face that sealed her fate. Her next performance was supercharged with a pole that rocked her with electricity when she grabbed hold.

The scorched body that disappeared off of a stainless steel morgue tray wound up in the Rogue Isles with a new name and a new plan. The latent energy burning within her multiplied each day, and soon she would return to the Rogue Isles to give Cheeks his sweet goodbye.


‘Neath the crackling azure of the harvest moon
Upon the whispered shroud of night
Memories of the restless dead coalesce
Into a wraith of haunting might.

Summoned by the cries of those unjustly slain
The winds echo their forlorn plight
Amidst gravestones that shake their unearthly dance
Shadows fitfully bleed from sight.

Forged of anger and spirit, shadow and wind
A visage of harrowing fright
Few truly believe or live to recount, that
Gravewind once again stalks the night.


Ebony Cross

“We are Ebony Cross.”  –Ebony Cross’ only decipherable utterance.

One soldier among countless Ebony Cross legions, this creature was blasted through a dimensional rift during a cascade shockwave of arcane magicks on a primeval battlefield.  Forged of dark rage and scorching lightning, the beast knows no other purpose than servitude toward its creators and pursuance of unparalleled destruction.

Presently in league with like minded spirits of darkness, Ebony Cross rampages across the Rogue Isles in search of its creators and an otherwise unknown objective.

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