Shredder III

Upon reaching the logging station, Gerard found himself confronted with a Human, a Dwarf and one of the most beautiful Halflings he had ever had the curse of laying eyes upon.  A band of adventurers by claim, the trio needed to make haste across the north ridge of the sallow wastes toward the Goblin kingdoms to the east.  Important business awaited them amidst the green skins, and Gerard was none too concerned with what those affairs were.  He was a simple lad, and clear cut in his ways and means to achieving the soul satisfaction which allowed him his freeborn beliefs.

The journey began as harmless as any would.  Several steps onto a well worn path, followed by several more along a less traveled way until they found themselves deep within the unforgiving thickets of the bayberry brush barrens.  The two Halflings had passed the time in their native tongue, Gerard relishing the opportunity to again hear the buoyant cadence of his birth people.  They discussed matters of no real import, content in the simple shared heritage and bloodline that bound them closer than either would openly admit to.  She professed some talents with the arcane arts and although never really having been exposed to any of the finer conjurations of magic, Gerard was enthralled enough to ask a few poignant questions and to make some relative observations with regards to his own understanding of things magical or mundane.  The first several days of their journey passed with blinding ferocity, and Gerard was beginning to dread the remorse he would experience when they’re time together would come to an end.

Several hours before the group would make camp for the night, the Halflings were discussing the validity of certain local flora to be used as medicinal treatments for various inflammatory illnesses.  The sound of something large moving through the underbrush in the distance brought the entire group up short, and Gerard motioned for a course change in their forward progression to allow for a wider berth around any potential danger from local wildlife.  Despite several alterations in both direction and pace, the sounds of the beast continued to approach at irregular intervals, causing the group to begin discussing potential scenarios.  It was becoming evident that something was homing in on their position, but the notion of dividing the group to afford the opportunity for some to escape potential harm was outweighed by the near unanimous belief that they would all be better suited to protect against whatever was coming if they remained together.

Alert and attuned to the minutest details of their surroundings, Gerard hurried the travelers through a narrow stretch of switchback trail until they reached a quiet alcove known to the Ranger from his frequent excursions into these untamed lands.  The refuge was nestled near the top of a rugged cliff face that granted the company a clear view of anything approaching from below as well as a camouflaged defensive position.

The evening passed with clenched relief as the sounds of pursuit vanished once the group moved upward along the rocky expanse.  No one who spent time in the dark hours of watch duty reported hearing anything untoward.  The level of the silence was in fact somewhat troubling to Gerard who was accustomed to a great many more ambient sounds than their rocky hideout provided.  Choosing to keep the eerie silence to himself, Gerard was pensive as the group geared up to begin the last leg of their journey.


Shredder IV

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