I live in a world of shattered fragments.  We all do in truth, but I think I tend to dissect and reassemble the reality around me in a more fervent and chaotic continuity than most.  Bits and pieces floating about and woven together, snipped and tucked, burnt and recreated to better suit.  All of this morass is my own personal primordial ooze.  Good stuff.  Lovely stuff.  Enough to drown in.

I am forever uncovering snapshots of my gaming life, the history of those who I have created and destroyed, loved and lost, worshipped and shunned.  Oh, there are so many I have shunned.  So, so many.  Point being, I often marvel at how a simple glimpse into a past thought process can recreate the picture of what I was planning to do, what essence I envisioned.  Don’t get me wrong, I also come across those doozies that are seriously like W-T-F is this and that rekindle nothing, only continue to sleep the stink of rotting fish.

Not this one though.  This one brought a nostalgic smile, and that is often enough to make my day.

Satheris – Level 3 Eladrin Wizard


Satheris is tremendously loyal to the cabal, having been raised by parents who were fly by night explorers.  Has a playful rivalry with Dewella about her not truly belonging to the ‘original’ cabal.

Is interested in all knowledge, consuming everything he can encounter.

Is secretly enchanted by the notion of Succubi.


Drawn speech with dramatic pauses – Yeeeesssss.  Noooo.

Passionate to a fault.

Power usage freely to emphasize and enhance his bearing.


His spellbook is a pair of cylindrical ‘snapback’ scroll cases that unroll and retract in both directions.  Carved from lightning struck tiger maple, the exterior of the cases have finger mechanisms which control the flow of paper, unrolling, retracting and locking in place as needed.

His magical staff is naturally straight and palest blue with a filigreed silver cage head which holds a squat amber gem that spins freely on the vertical axis.

His cloak has a silvery gray exterior with a black fur trim along its entirety.  The lining is a deep red which brightens in color as he sustains damage.

His shroud is a dirty, mangy looking swath of white cloth woven from the fibers of a virgin princess’ undergarments and the unhallowed earth of a lich lord’s tomb.

A quarter inch of the tip of his right ear is missing from his earlier training with the longsword, and a row of silver rings line that ear up to the severed tip. (7 SP)

Blonde and red streaked hair loosely worn, save for a narrow braid at each side.

Snug, dark grey pants, black boots and a light blue shirt with a black vest is his common attire.

Woven silver belt holds his solidly crafted longsword which has a coiled serpent carved into the end of its handle and rearing snake heads as the guard.


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