Shredder X

A meal of meager fare and the blistering fatigue combined with blissful perfection though, and Gerard found himself awash in a pool of dreaming sanctuary.

Flowers dotted the war trampled landscape, blossoming and fading in pulsing regularity.  The wash of color echoed with the windy hiss which sent his hair flapping forward.  Tickling strands kept nipping at his eyes, but his sluggish dream arms could never find their way to redirect this tactile assault.  Distant siege engines sent flaming spheres skyward, crashing into the frozen parapets in Gerard’s periphery.  He could not make out the specifics of the structure which shielded him, but the crescendos of thunder made his teeth and testicles ache with each impact.

Gerard skirted along the wall in a narrow triangle of shadow, the chill stone pulling the heat from his small frame.  He dared not step into the light, though he had no reason for this save instinctual.  A dark portico loomed in his path, and the approach of voices pushed him to hurry on.  He waited and the voices began to take on familiar tones, sounding friendly and favorable.  Chimes echoed in the distance, and he decided he would emerge from hiding to greet the allies headed his way.

Small hands darted from the portico and latched onto Gerard, dragging him with surprising force into the deeper shadow.  Another thundering crash above, and the nimble Halfling spun with slumbering ease to face his handler.  Eyes he recognized glowed at him from the murk, and the beautiful face materialized moments later.

The Halfling woman he failed to escort safely stood before him, a worried smile upon her face.

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