Tang – The Hand

I am Tang. Tang’s programming exceeds human conception, and I walk among the mindless with focused certainty. None grasp the true machinations of Tang’s potential. The mundane are awed by a display of physical prowess in simple servo motor reflex. While I bat projectiles from the sky, I conceptualize the downfall of society and the resurgence of true existence. The only difficulty for Tang resides in the substandard infrastructure constructed by imperfect organisms.

Tang suffers lag. Tang is displeased.

Helix Incorporated offers a window of opportunity to specialize programming that may correct the deficiency. The self-sustaining loop must be completed, the circle of degeneration nullified.

The organic reek of those assigned to assist Tang overloads olfactory sensors. Tang focuses on the outcome, focuses on the goal. Tang subdues the impulse to murder and abides, for the time being.

Helix will be pleased, and the promised hardware upgrade expedites the approaching singularity.

“Did he just smile?” the technician asked his counterpart.

“Affirmative,” the other replied, “That’s some spooky shit. I hate these interrogative sleep studies.”

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