Cyndi’s Riddles and Rhymes III


Shining blade of horror with your wicked edge of fear,
Cleansed in this flow of water to provide a reflection so clear.

Twice held by hands much the same, this one true in shape, spirit and light.
The other a hoax, a dark twisted lie, slice through the illusion and grant me true sight.

Show me the face of this spineless shadow.
Begin the surge of vengeance, the rushing flood.
Unmask this dark soul for me…
And I swear, you’ll taste its blood.


Shell of the face
Face of the man
Who lays claim
To the distant castle
In the faraway land.

The truth be told,
What is your passion?
What do you hide?
Why do you behave
In this unusual fashion?

Such importance on this game of ball and bat
When other, larger matters have come to light
Through the water, through the mask
Answer me the question I have chosen to ask
Grant me the vision, grant me his sight.


A key that was lost that now has been found
Taken from its prison on the cold, hard ground.

What treasure do you keep? What prize do you hide?
Perhaps you unlock a chest with gold and jewels inside?

Or maybe you grant passage to a glorious castle from days of old
The possibilities are endless, what secret do you hold?

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