A Handful of Hardasses

Helix, Inc. is one of the big players in the area, but they have been under siege of late.  The scattered news feeds have been filled with the aftermath of the corporate warfare, and in a bid to regroup, Helix has recruited a number of renegade Chromes from the district.  A handful of these special individuals has been assigned to the Urban Response department.

New members of the primary Response Team are assigned to investigate and suppress an unknown element that has been setting fire to various Helix assets.  Team members are informed by the department’s handler, Mr. Avix, that this mission is as much a tryout as it is an objective.  Performances will be evaluated and one of the new recruits will not continue to serve as a Helix operative.

Times are tough and Helix could be a solid meal ticket for some time to come.  Only one unlucky bastard wasn’t going to make the cut. Who is it going to be?

The company van rolls to a stop at the third, and most recent, arson site, looking much the same as the  previous two.  A scorched structure sits at the center of a blaze radius which has bitten into the surrounding buildings on this city block.  Steamy streamers dance in the upper reaches of the ashen skeleton, the blaze having been contained only last evening by Helix resources.  No significant clues have been forthcoming this far.  Perhaps this ghost will be a little more cooperative?

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