Cyndi’s Riddles and Rhymes X

Beware dearest friend
Don’t push your luck
Come one step closer
And you’re a dead duck
‘Cause you just never know
You might not see
Falling right on top of you
The branch of a tree.

Some Lucky Charms
In your belly will warm
To strengthen your arms
and keep you from harm.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I’m the scariest one of them all
Sharing with you my breath of fear
First so cloudy, then so clear
You see all that goes on in here
It’s close I can smell it, the box is near
Where is the prize that Kathy holds so dear?

Danger has found us, time is flying
The back door ajar, opens with a push
Cora is waiting, we’re done spying
Fleeing out the back, hidden by bush.

Stop giving chase
This path’s not yours, it’s mine
It won’t be much of a race
With your feet tangled in a vine.

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