A Game Legacy

This weekend was my first time venturing into the conflict ridden world of Risk Legacy.  I have seen it played, have watched the sporadic explosions of tactics and emotion which come about in the accelerated endgame.  I was pleased.  I am even more pleased, tickled even, at the evolution of the game experience.  Stickers, and choices, and missiles, and pathways from which there is no return.  Burn the world, and you must survive in the ashes.  Awesome.RLegacy

What I’m really interested in watching though, is the legacy development of the folks who are playing the game with me.  How will they change based on previous encounters?  How will the game play differently based on the history of this particular Risk Legacy universe?

<Hank Hill>  I tell you what.  </Hank Hill>

There was some bad blood in game one, bad blood that seeped in from long ago, and not only did it spin game one out of control, it set precedent for games two and three.  So my question is this.

Will the passage of time dull the memories of the earlier games?  Or will the bad blood shed in game one be rekindled each time the board is opened, painting broad strokes across the remaining dozen wars?

Now that may be the true genius of the game.  Players will not only adapt to the changes in the game itself, but will alter their engagement based on the history of the people playing.  I have only one thing to say for such machinations.


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