Shadow of Hope XIX

Marcus nodded thanks to Erellia and left her to go and stand next to Borlak and Katarina.  Marcus then waited for Kurn to prepare the animals, obviously thinking about what they might need. Once Kurn brought over the beasts, Marcus slung his chest on one of the horses, tying it down securely and locking it with a small key.

Borlak and Katarina joined Marcus without further preamble.  “Whenever Kurn is set to hand over the mule and tack I will be ready to go,” the barbarian offered.

In a few short moments, the mounts were delivered and the trio headed towards Westerly with Marcus in the lead.

While the tent slowly cleared out as most of the others formed up to go about their assigned tasks, Cheskith pulled out and patiently gnawed on the cinnamon stick again, watching Erellia conclude the smaller tasks that she had set for herself.

When but a few of them were left, including the seemingly-hesitant magician, the lizardman returned the cinnamon stick to its pouch and stepped up to Erellia.  “You wished to speak of magic, I think?” he inquired, then cast a quick glance at the others named for the discussion.  “It is the power of the voice that calls to magic when used by me.  I think that the others are of the book and the sacred sign.  What of it do you wish to know?”

Erellia smiled at the forthrightness of the Silveraean.  It was a rare breed during these embattled times who so willingly discussed magic with those who were little more than strangers.

“My concerns are primarily twofold,” she began, addressing both individuals nearby, “First, there is the impending venture into Troll infested territories.  Troublesome brutes who I am hoping to avoid all together but fully realize that the likelihood of such luck is slim. If we are forced to separate into smaller groups, I merely wished to assure that those with arcane abilities were evenly distributed with regards to our projected enemies.”

“Do either of you possess the means to call forth fire or acid should those most resilient of menaces attack?”  Though the question is posed to both individuals sharing the shelter with her, Erellia’s gaze comes to rest firmly on Daroun.


Shadow of Hope XX

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