Shadow of Hope VII

After the female on a buckskin horse arrives, a large shadow detaches itself from a rock not far away with a slight clink of metal.  The shadowy figure is covered in a body length cloak so near the color of the horse being ridden that their shapes merge eerily.  Pulling his hood back as he nears, a broad shouldered man materializes with raven black hair and skin the color of cinnamon.

The sharp gaze lingers on the group, granting a slight nod to the lizardman as the distance between them closes.  His clear voice rings out, Good day, milady, and to one and all.  Borlak Dotkina of the Sunar Tribe at your service.  Now have we all arrived?”

“Greetings, one and all,” the noble woman replies in kind amidst the relative turmoil, acknowledging each of the individuals that join the small collective.  She quickly scans the area of the bridge and the nearby construction works, allowing her gaze to settle on the train of horses nearby.  Turning her face skyward, she assesses the oppressive elemental conditions with a slight frown before lowering her gaze once more.

“A few others are expected,” she responds to the communal question, “Perhaps we can get out of this weather for the moment and be introduced properly while we wait.”

She dismounts and, turning to face the battle hardened soldier standing near, says, “Would you please lead our horses to where Haron is picketing the others?  Please then have him assist us with raising the canopy that can be found within my horse’s packs.”

The woman pulls a pack of short poles from the side of her saddle and points to a location near the grazing equine, “We shall establish a small camp there and wait for the others to arrive.  Please make yourselves as comfortable as possible.  Full introductions will be forthcoming.”

Moving across the slogged earth, she strides to the location she indicated and begins assembling poles and preparing a spot for the protective canopy to be erected.


Shadow of Hope VIII

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